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Who are we?

Motiv8 Sport finds you the best UK deals and discounts for sports and outdoors around. We are an outdoor activity provider based in the Northwest of England. Our team consists of like-minded Professional Coaches who are passionate about motivating young children, including teenagers and adults of all abilities to live a more active lifestyle.

The Motiv8 Sport projects bring mixed-ability Communities together with a wide range of Fun, Safe and affordable outdoor programs. All our activities encourage mixed-ability and non-disabled children and adults to get active & have fun. They can compete alongside each other in a safe, structured, and enjoyable environment.

As well as providing some fantastic UK deals, there’s also some great European cycling, running and outdoor events that will make memories for life. All the Motiv8 Sport activities are suitable for mixed-ability athletes and the keen thrill seeker. We provide some of the UK’s best deals & discounts that are easier on your pocket without sacrificing the fun!

If you’re looking for a professional reputation with a great team, then Motiv8 is here to help.


Running Events


Event Date – 04/04/21
Event venue – Penarth
Event Distance – 5k 20k 5k
Number of participants – 550

Entry Price – £40/ £65

Alnwick Castle 10k

Event Date – 23/05/21
Event venue – Hulne Park
Event Distance – 10k, 5k, 2k
Number of participants –  open

Entry Price – £20/£22

Midlands Spartan Super 10k & Sprint 5k

Event Date – 24/07/21
Event venue – Marston Lodge
Event Distance –  10k, 5k sprint
Number of participants –  300+

Entry Price – £55/£60/£75/£80

Heaton Park 5K

Event Date – 14/03/21
Event venue – Heaton Park,
Event Distance –  5K 10K
Number of participants –  Open

Entry Price – £22/£26




Raising Aspirations

We have teamed up with the Outward Bound Trust providing experiential wilderness programs in Snowdonia, The Lakes, and the Highlands. Giving as many young people benefit from a high-quality residential.


Why is our Outward Bound Unique?


Raising Aspirations projects encourage:-

Improved Confidence
Increased Determination & Resilience
Leadership Skills
Improved Communication Skills
Teamwork and Integration
Environmental Awareness  


3 Day - Adventure & Challenge


To support young people to understand and develop the behaviours necessary to maximise the opportunities at school and in their wider community.

5 Day - Raising Aspiration


To give young people experience and confidence that encourages and helps them to raise their aspirations / aim higher, seek new opportunities and cope with setbacks.

Changing Lives

Through Sport

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