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What is Soccer 7’s?

The Game

The Soccer 7’s tournament is organised by Liverpool Transplant Football Club in conjunction with the Cheshire & Merseyside Football Association and will be played in accordance with the Laws of Association Football except as amended within these rules and regulations. ( See Full Rules HERE )

Our tournaments comprise of matches between teams of seven players per side on a pitch that is approximately 90 metres in length by 55 metres in width. There shall be no application of the offside law and it is open to all club teams, local and national that have been invited by the organising committee.

Basic Rules

• Rolling Substitutions are used (ie. unlimited substitutions all game)
1 Player off 1 on – Player must leave the pitch before 1 enters.
• No Offsides
• No sliding or charging tackles
• All free kicks are direct
• Roll in “corners” & “throw-ins” (underarm bowling action)
• No access into the penalty area by outfield players/ no leaving the penalty area from the goalkeeper.
• No back pass to goalkeeper
• Referees’ decisions are final.
• The goalkeeper can return ball into play with a kick or underarm bowling action.

• All teams MUST hold valid Blufin Insurance or the relevant public liability insurance to compete in the tournament. (Note: proof of insurance is required before attending the competition.)

Other Rules
• Squad sizes – You can bring a maximum of 10 Players.
• Dress Discipline – No blades or football boots or moulds. Wear Shine pads

Where are the competitions held?

In Summer 2019 we will be hosting tournaments in Northwich and Halton. All venues are centrally located and accessible from motorways and public transport. Each tournament is held at top quality venues with 3G pitches, fully equipped and our referees and officials are fully qualified & registered with the Football Association.

How many players in a team?

Each team in the competition is allowed to register a maximum of 10 players. The teams will be allocated a league that reflects the ability band of the registered players. Prior to the start of the competition, a warm-up friendly match shall be played to access the ability of each team to make sure all teams are categorised correctly and fairly.

The League & Knockout stages.

The Main Tournament will involve 16 teams and will be played initially on a league phase followed by a knockout phase. The league phase will comprise of four groups each containing four teams. Each team will play the other teams in their respective groups and the top two teams in each league will proceed to the quarter-finals of the Main Cup knockout competition. The third and fourth teams in each league will proceed to the quarter-finals of the Main Plate knockout competition.

The Main Shield knockout competition will be contested by the losing quarter-finalists in the Main Cup knockout competition and will only consist of semi-finals and a final.

Is there a Cost Involved?

The entry fee for the competition is £30 per team for a max of 10 players per team. This is to be paid 3 weeks in advance by BACS/Direct Debit or Paypal.

How do I register?

You can register by clicking Register Now or email us at football@motiv8sport.com for a form to be sent out to you.

Can i help in other ways?

We’re asking for the support of friends, family and strangers to give as little or as much as they can to help us continue to promote organ donation and the rewards the gift of life can achieve.

If you are a business and would like to sponsor the Liverpool Transplant Football club kits or equipment, please email support@motiv8sport.com and a representative will get back to you.


      Thank you for helping us change a life!

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Soccer 7’s Tournament

Northwich – Moss Lane

   Widnes – Halton Stadium

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